Passenger Elevators

Pama Elevators

PAMA uses classic small size gear machine as per the carrying capacity and Fermator/Wittur door systems which makes high quality possible.

Suspended Ceiling

Elegant and decent suspended ceiling design makes the sky over our head more wonderful.

Floor Door and Car

To manufacture perfect elevators integrated art with technology, is always Pama Elevators immutable enterprise belief. Pama Elevators provides variety of Floor Door, Car Door and Car models, not only magnificient, Elegant & Decent. But match with the modern architecture styles jointly create beautiful sight.

Freight Elevators

Pama Elevators

Beautiful car structure, Solid Structure, Heavy Load Capacity, Durable and Easy for Debugging.

Car Top
Body : Steel place powder coated finish, artistic rectangular lighting central fan is equipped with emergency lighting and first aid exit.

Car Wall and Car Door
Beautiful painted or powder coated M. S. Panels, Stainless Steel panels as per clients requirements.


  • Anti skid checkered Steel plate
  • Four door leafs, open from the middle / M. S. Collapsible / manual bi parting as per client requirements
  • Baking finish steel plate (Standard Type)
  • Stainless steel capillary finish (Hair Line Finish)

Hospital Elevators

Pama Elevators

The design of PAMA Hospital Elevators takes full consideration of hospital environment with a view to your constant objective of providing excellent ride quality for the passengers in a hospital.


The state of the art control system in perfect combination with the reliable VVVF drive is an optimal solution to hospital elevators which offer both comfortable and silent rides between floors for passengers in a hospital.


The whole process of levelling, door opening and closing as well as floor to floor traveling is hardly noticable to people around.

Service Elevators

Pama Elevators

These are designed to automatically handle from 100 to 250 kgs of light material.


Overall design and control depends on the floors served and the intensity of services.


This is ideally suited for library, canteen, kitchens and factories.